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FutureGenApps™ - Website Designing Company in India

Our Web Design & Development Work Process

Meetings & Requirement Understanding

First of all, we conduct meeting with clients to better understand their exact requirement so that we can get correct estimates and share with client.

NDA & Terms/Conditions Signing

We understand that your idea is unique that need to be protected happy signing a fair NDA contract document for both the parties.


Project Scope Final

Before starting the project, its very important for both parties to have absolute clarity of the project scope which is important for architecture, tech stack recommendations and pricing factors.

UI & UX Design Approval

Designs make things clear. So this step typically involves UX Research, Wireframing and UI Design.


Implementation – Development Sprints

The project is broken into smaller chunks and the team delivers them on a fortnightly basis.

Testing Phase

During this phase, application testing is performed based on the defined project scope. The application testing ensures that your software offers a smooth user experience and works without any bugs.


Demos, Feedback and Implementations

Once project milestone is completed, we demo to the client to get overall feedback. If required our development team fixes bugs and implements feedback points shared by client.

Project Live Deployment!

Once the testing team approves, the code is deployed to the production server for public use.


Maintenance & Support

After the application is made live. We provide maintenance and support services to handle bug fixing, security patches and server updates are part of maintenance.